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This is my last post for this blog. I hope you all enjoyed reading our blog about bullying as much as we enjoyed reading it. We all put a lot of effort into this blog and we hope we touched some people. Also check out my prezi link below. It is about social media and how it is effecting writing and literacy in today’s world. Just take a few minutes and check it out!



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Writing Technology Prezi

I just realized that both my blogs were never posted on here because my Wifi was down! Oh no..well here they are again. This is my last post about everything I have been tweeting, including bullying! I hope you all have enjoyed reading my blogs as well as my other three fabulous bloggers posts. Check out my latest Prezi that explains new writing technologies and how it is affecting literacy, writing and what it means to be a writer. Who knows what the future holds for writing! From my experience though, posting these blogs has been an interesting task in which I learned a lot. To all our followers: thank you and STAND UP FOR BULLYING! Here is my link to my prezi, check it out:

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What influences children to bully?

Many of us think: What influences children to do the things they do? They are like sponges in that they absorb everything they hear and observe. This is why many adults have to be careful with their words and actions around them. Another thing that influences them though is the media, including music. One of my fellow classmates, Satta Goll recently tweeted about new rap music. I took a look at this article and it says that “Thrift Shop” is the biggest rap song of all time according to Billboard. This song is made by two artists, Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis and have won grammys based off of this rap.

Now this song isn’t the worst rap song that is out there on the radio’s these days but it contains fowl language that’s not appropriate for young children. I know that some adults let their children listen to anything they want, but these songs could have negative affects on them. They could pick up bad words, inproper terminology or even racial slurs. By students bringing in this type of behavior in schools, it’s sure to affect them! This can lead to them calling each other names and bullying other classmates if they choose not to participate. As a future educator I just wanted to put a warning out there for all adults to listen first to the song then permit their child to if it’s appropriate.


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My Prezi

My Prezi is about writing technologies and what they do. There are many different technologies for writing but I focused on smartphones and computer apps. This includes ways to look up information such as Zite and Feedly, how to share information with apps like Twitter, and how to write blogs on websites like WordPress. I also touch on how amazing the internet is for finding information and how the use of pens and paper is dwindling down. I love to read physical books not on E-readers and Tablets. I hope that even with all this great technology they continue to sell and make books to sell from the book store. Here is my Prezi!

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Brooke’s Prezi

Hey, so over Module 2, Technologies and the Future of Writing, we have discussed many topics. These topics ranged from the history of writing, writers today, writing space, using our mobile devices and writing technologies in the future. Please check out my prezi with more in depth information with what we discussed in our class, over a short period of time. Hope you enjoy my prezi, thanks! (for a correct match up to my voice, play at 10 secs)

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Reality TV leading to Drama

“The Bachelor”, “Surviror”, “Jersey Shore”, and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” are all names of reality tv shows. Although they are television shows that are supposed to entertain and thrill their audiences, they are still real people. Sometimes I feel as if people forget this aspect, that the lives that we watch on television are in fact real lives. One of my fellow classmates and blogger of “Four Trendy Gals”, recently tweeted about a specific article. She used “The Bachelor” to show that every reality show is a true story. This article explains the turn of opinions in this show, stating that only two people have fallen in love and got married to one of the others on the show. Meaning that the whole idea of romance and finding true love, isn’t why people are watching it. It could be to watch the drama or see how everything changes within moments. This show as well as all the others are certainly interesting and fun to watch, but we have to keep in mind that they are real people too.

Lately there has been a lot of cyber bullying going around and this not only happens to children but to these people on the TV shows. They are receiving hate messages from their “fans” that go as far as to threaten them. Juan Pablo (the most recent bachelor) has received tweets, facebook messages and emails that condemn him, tell him what a bad guy he is, and even that he is a bad father! How can you say such words to someone who your only experience with them was watching them through a television? This just goes to show you that not only students all over the country are being negatively affected by the overuse of technology but so are “celebrities”. Cyber bulling is hard to monitor because not all adults have access to their students/childs accounts. However,  there are ways to prevent this from starting. Communication is the first step and explaining that the World Wide Web is a powerful tool is the next.


bachelor pic

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Fighting Back : No Bull

Hunter Reynolds is a teenager from Clark County who is fighting back against bullies. He made an online video to take a stand. It describes how he was bullied for six years. He says that he has been called gay or fag and many other harsh words. He says he was bullied in school, online and via text messages. It got to him so bad at one point he attempted to tale his own life. Hunter sometimes feels it would be easier to go away, which sadly is how many kids feel. As he says, it is much harder to get away from bullying now that there is text and Facebook. His video depicts his personal story, hoping it will win the Great American No Bull Challenge, a national anti-bully contest. Good for him, it is great to see kids stand up for themselves and against the bullies. Please watch his video!

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Celebrities Reaching Out

A few weeks ago Destinee Barker, fellow classmate of mine and blogger of Music Queens, tweeted about Country star Lee Brice.

Lee Brice is not only a super star of country hits, but also a man who holds various charities for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He performs many concerts and guitar gigs to support St. Jude, and the article quoted, “For Brice, he appreciates having two healthy sons (Takoda and Ryker) even more every time he steps through the front doors at St. Jude. But should something happen to one of them, one senses the singer would breathe a little easier knowing a special place would welcome him and his family with open arms.”

Read More: Lee Brice Reveals St. Jude Means Even More to Him Following Birth of His Boys |

This made me realize how idolizing celebrities out there today are to many people. These stars are no where near selfish, and it is great to see many of them donating money for a wonderful cause. I believe that this is important to understand, that there are always helping hands out there in the world! (whether you are famous or not, somebody is out there to help and support you with whatever you need). Linking this bullying, I know my fellow blogger, Hillary Heck, wrote about celebrities who were also bullied growing up, however, it is great to see how far they have come and accomplished over the years. Many celebrities we look up to as role models, and I believe that they are very inspiring and motivating with their stories they release to the public. Lee Brice, pictured below, being one of them.

lee brice

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Stay or Go

Putting ourselves out there using writing sites or any social media is jeopardizing our identity on the world wide web. With the internet, I believe there are pros and cons to having websites and social media accounts. With your future or current job, does it ever occur to you to take precautions when writing anything online? As for me, wanting to be a future educator, yes I believe one-hundred percent I need be careful with anything I put out there on the internet. Although Facebook and other popular social medias are a great way to stay connected with friends and family, they also have many cons. Just to name a couple examples; 1. many schools look at all accounts you have online, and 2. it’s very easy to find information about yourself if you ever fill out anything online. Also, many kids use social medias as a simple bullying tactic, in which they do not have to have any face-to-face interaction with the other person. Overall, I believe people truly do not realize that anything you put out on the internet is out there in the cyber-world, free for whomever to see.

Should you stay on these sites or should you go? That choice is up to you, however, I have some news for you. Fellow classmate, , recently wrote in her blog the steps to take with “How to Disappear Online.” She explains the five steps to take to make sure your identity online is limited, simply by testing the idea by doing a google search on yourself. When I did this to myself most of what came up were images I have on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and also projects I created, in the past, on Weebly or Prezi.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.26.05 PM

See? Anything pops up. The most terrifying thing about the whole situation is how fast it takes to find so much information about someone. In my opinion, I would definitely be aware of, not only what is out on the Internet about yourself, but what you put out there yourself. Be alert always!


Bullying: Gone way too far!

How far is too far to take an April fools joke? I found one that escalated way too high and caused injuries to a young child! Like a lot of things in the world, bullying has escalated to a whole new level. Recently a classmate of mine, Ashley Debella-McNeamer tweeted about this horrifying article that was an example of sickness of people’s minds. This article stood out because of the title” Someone Glued Razor Blades on a Playground”. Immediately I thought of the connection to bullying and was curious to see what exactly this was about.

In this article, it tells the story of how an unknown suspect in Illinois actually glued razor blades all around Millennium Playground. On March 24, 2014 a two-year-old child was playing on a nice spring day on his neighborhood playground and suddenly came crying over to his parents. The two-year-old was cut from the razor blades that were posted on the equitment. Lieutentant Brian Foltz believes that this could have been done by anyone, a group of kids, a young student, or even a sick adult. The question is why did this happen? What possess that criminal to put such dangerous objects on a playground where young children play? It doesn’t matter the reason though, because this incident happened and was tragic.

I feel that it is our duty as adults who believe in the faith of humanity and hope for the future, that we stop these violent acts. Parents and guardians: talk to your children ensuring them that this is no way to treat others and provide support if they are having problems. Teachers: always offer help for those students who need advice in their academic and personal lives. Friends: offer that helping hand and lend an ear when one of your friends is in a tough situation. For advice on how to prevent these types of crimes in your children visit this webiste “Be more than just a bystander“. Our hearts go out to all those who were hurt at Millennium Playground.

Screenshot 2014-04-05 14.24.56Screenshot 2014-04-05 14.53.49



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